Silver Spoon’s Outfit

I’m doing another pony outfit today, because why not? Today we meet Diamond Tiara’s sidekick, Silver Spoon. Like Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon is stuck-up and mean. Her name and cutie mark imply that she is wealthy, but we have never met her family and don’t really know anything about her home life. She is a grey earth pony with a two-toned light grey mane (which she wears in a braid) and tail. She has lavender eyes and wears blue-framed glasses and a blue pearl necklace. Her cutie mark is, unsurprisingly, a silver spoon. Here’s an outfit for her:

Silver Spoon's Outfit

Gray dress

Ballet flat

All Sex, All the Time

Well hello there. It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything – the last year or so has been pretty crazy, and I haven’t had a lot of time to write. But a few days ago, I read an article that I really enjoyed and on which I wanted to comment.

In the January 2014 issue of Glamour magazine, actress Rashida Jones wrote an article entitled “The Pornification of Everything,” in which she addresses the growing cultural acceptability of pornographic (or borderline pornographic) behavior by celebrities (and as a consequence, by regular people as well). Here’s a link to the article online: It’s not a long read, and if you have a moment, I highly recommend it.

If you don’t want to read it, here’s the basic gist: Ms. Jones came to the realization that over the past couple of years, pop stars have made it their job to present themselves in as sexual a way as possible. She cites as examples Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke at the VMAs, Rhianna grinding on a pole in one of her videos, Nicki Minaj wearing pasties as a Halloween costume, and the cover art for one of Lady Gaga’s songs. She points out that this is largely boring – that we basically become desensitized to these oversexualized images. She also states that it feels inauthentic, and is not a true expression of most women’s sexuality but is instead an effort to sell sex and cater to a male idea of what is sexy. The only issue I have with her article is that she does not give a lot of attention to what I believe to be her most salient point – that these woman are role models, whether they want to be or not. Little girls are watching, and what they are seeing is appalling. It is this particular point that I want to expand upon.

These pop stars, particularly ones like Miley Cyrus who got their start on TV shows aimed at children, have large numbers of teenage girls and pre-teen girls as part of their fanbase. Many of these ladies claim to not want to be role models, but regardless of that, millions of these girls look up to them for their fame, their physical beauty, and their talent. And many of those girls do not have a great deal of guidance at home that will say, “That’s inappropriate, turn it off,” when Miley is shaking it on some guy. When a 12-year-old girl sees Rihanna pole-dancing and there’s no one around to talk to her about it in a reasoned way, she internalizes that behavior and thinks to herself (consciously or unconsciously), “Rihanna does it, she’s beautiful and successful and boys like her. I should do that too.” In her mind, there is no distinction between the fact that she is 12 and Rihanna is in her mid-20s. Young girls see images like that and it exposes them to a range of actions and feelings that they are not emotionally or mentally prepared to deal with. Often they deal with them anyway, by emulating what their idols do. This is especially dangerous in today’s social-media-filled world, where photos and videos live forever in the bowels of the internet.

Over the past 5 to 8 years, with the rise of Smartphones, Instagram, and texting/sexting, the number of incidents of underage girls taking and sending inappropriate pictures of themselves and each other has skyrocketed, resulting in a vast increase in child pornography. Basically, we as a culture are very gradually accepting the sexualization of young girls. And often, the girls themselves are the source of this material. They take photos of themselves in compromising positions and send them to friends, boys, or strangers, because Nicki Minaj got her picture taken in nothing but pasties, so why not? We owe it to our daughters, little sisters, and nieces to reject this hypersexualiztion of our culture. In her article, Rashida Jones quotes one of her own Tweets: “Sure, be SEXY, but leave something to the imagination.” I agree. What happened to Old Hollywood sexiness? Sophia Loren could melt a man with one glance, no pasties or pole-dancing required. I’m not saying that we should walk around in burkas, but there is something to be said for a little mystery.

Not everyone shares the same opinion, however. In the article, Ms. Jones mentions that she Tweeted several times about this issue and was accused of “slut-shaming,” misogyny, and being judgmental. She responded to this by saying that “there is a difference between ‘shaming’ and ‘holding someone accountable.'” I agree. These pop stars and actresses have to realize that their actions have consequences beyond themselves. I don’t know a great deal about Jennifer Lawrence (who plays Katniss in the Hunger Games movies), but I saw a quote from her that I absolutely love. In an interview she said, “I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner.'” She gets it. She understands the impact that she has on young girls as a role model and how her behavior affects them. She takes responsibility for that, even though she didn’t ASK to be looked up to as someone to emulate.

I know that our culture is largely in decline. Prior to the fall of Rome, sexual immorality (as well as general immorality) was rampant. It is my hope, however, that for the sake of our young girls, America can get itself together. Maybe she can stop snorting lines off the coffee table, put a shirt on, and make sure she’s wearing panties before she goes out for the night.

Throwing the Staff Under the Bus – Par for the Course at Applebee’s

Over the last day or two, I’ve been following this story on Yahoo:

If you don’t want to read the whole story, here’s the basic gist: A waitress (Chelsea Welch) from a St. Louis-area Applebee’s posted a picture on Reddit of a receipt from another server’s table where the customer (Alois Bell) scratched out the automatic 18% gratuity added by the computer (there were more than 8 people in the party, which triggers the autotip function on the computer) and wrote “I give God 10%, why do you get 18?” She then wrote “pastor” above her name, and in the place for “additional tip,” she wrote “0.” After the picture of the receipt went viral, the pastor called the restaurant and complained, and Applebee’s fired the waitress who posted the picture.

There is so much wrong with this story, I don’t even know where to begin. First, as a Christian, I am embarrassed by Pastor Bell’s actions. People will use this event to justify saying untrue things like “Religion is the problem, not the solution,” or “Just another hypocritical Christian – they’re all alike.” Indeed, if you look at the comment section under the story on Yahoo and other news sites and blogs that have posted about this story, they are already filled with statements like those above. As Christians, we are called to live Christ-like lives. We all fall short, but we’re supposed to try. We’re supposed to be loving and generous, not snarky and stingy. Additionally, I don’t think this pastor had a very clear concept of how percentages work. God is supposed to get 10% of EVERYTHING YOU EARN. The waitstaff was supposed to get 18% of ONE MEAL. That’s quite a big difference. Just because 18 is the higher number, doesn’t mean the amount received by the waitress is bigger than the amount received by God.

After the photo went viral, a friend of the pastor’s brought it to her attention that her special note was making its way around the internet. The pastor was (rightfully) embarrassed, but rather than owning up to her childish act, she demanded that Ms. Welch be fired. Her remorse was not over her treatment of the wait staff; it was over getting called out for bad behavior. I have seen it reported on a number of blogs that the pastor actually demanded that the whole staff be fired, including management, but I don’t know if that is true or not. Regardless, her initial action and her reaction to the fallout are both appalling.

Perhaps the waitress was wrong to post the receipt online, but I can relate to where she’s coming from. The food service industry is extremely stressful. You are constantly rushing around to get everyone’s food to them in a timely manner. You get hot and sweaty, and go home smelling like fry grease and other unpleasant things. You get burnt (sometimes severely), you slip, run into other people, get hit by doors, yelled at, cursed at, and called names. I have never waited tables, but I work in fast food, and I know how ungrateful people are and how funny they are about food. I worked at the jewelry department in a big box store for awhile and sometimes people would bring back jewelery that they had purchased because it broke. They were usually very nice about it, asking for a refund or to send it off and have it fixed. I’ve also worked in fast food, and people get more upset about a lack of cheese on their sandwich that they paid $5 for than they do over the broken necklace they paid $120 for. It’s a stressful environment, and at the end of the night, you just want to vent to someone about how rude the customers were to you. That’s what Ms. Welch was doing here. She was just venting. No personal information, save for the pastor’s name, was shared on the receipt.

I think Applebee’s overreacted by firing the waitress. IF there is a policy in their handbook about this kind of thing (which the server claims there is not), then a less severe punishment should have been administered. A written warning, maybe, or retraining. But to fire a server because a customer who was in the wrong threw a fit seems like an extreme measure. It also indicates an unhappy, decaying corporate culture that does not value or stand by its employees, who are the face of the company. I am not a big fan of Applebee’s food to begin with and I usually only go there if someone else I’m with picks the restaurant. But I will definitely not be eating there anymore AT ALL after this fiasco.

Diamond Tiara’s Outfit

For those of you who still read this regularly, I promise that at some point I will stop doing posts about ponies and outfits dedicated to them and move on to other things. In the mean time, I like ponies. They’re cute and they make me happy. Therefore, ponies will continue for the foreseeable future. Also, sorry for not posting anything lately. I was moving and unpacking and I’m still in the process of trying to find a job that does not involve a deep fryer.

Our pony for today is Ponyville Elementary’s meanest bully, Diamond Tiara. Diamond Tiara and her sidekick, Silver Spoon (who we will meet next time) are those girls in school that made fun of you because you didn’t develop fast enough, or tried to make you embarrassed about your family, or made fun of you because they were enormously wealthy and you weren’t. In other words, they’re bitches. We first meet Diamond Tiara in “Call of the Cutie” when she gets her cutie mark and proceeds to mock Apple Bloom & Twist for being blank flanks. She has a “cuteceanera” to celebrate her cutie mark and invites AB & Twist to make fun of them. I don’t want to ruin the episode for you, but let’s just say things don’t go well for Diamond Tiara. She appears in a few other episodes later on, including “Family Appreciation Day” in which she points out Granny Smith’s unusual behavior to Apple Bloom to make her embarrassed. Later, we find out that there is a method to Granny’s madness, and that she plays an important role in Ponyville’s history.

Diamond Tiara is a pink Earth pony with a lavender and white mane and cornflower blue eyes. Her cutie mark (unsurprisingly) is a diamond tiara. Here’s an outfit for her:

Diamond Tiara's Outfit

AK Anne Klein flat shoes
$75 –

Versace shoulder handbag
$1,326 –

Jon Richard wedding hair accessory
£50 –

Chiffon dress

Twist’s Outfit

Our pony for today is Twist, a classmate of Applebloom (and in later episodes, all of the Cutie Mark Crusaders). Twist is a nerdy, cream-colored Earth pony with a red-orange, curly mane & tail. She has pink eyes, wears purple glasses, & talks with a lisp. Her cutie mark is two candy cames arranged in the shape of a heart. When we first meet Twist in “Call of the Cutie,” she is a blank flank like Applebloom. She and Applebloom are invited to Diamond Tiara’s “Cuteceanera,” and decide to go together since they are both the only ponies in the class without cutie marks. The afternoon of the party, Applebloom goes to visit Twist, only to discover that Twist has received her cutie mark for candy-making. Twist appears in several other episodes, either in the background or in class with the CMCs. Here’s an outfit for her:

Twist's Outfit

Wildfox Couture crew neck sweater
€129 –

RED Valentino pleated skirt
$395 –

Forever 21 tennis shoes
$6.50 –

Jansport backpack
$30 –

Enamel jewelry
$150 –

File Twist.png

DJ Pon3’s outfit

Continuing with the musical ponies, today we have an outfit for Ponyville’s DJ & techno guru, Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ Pon3. First, some background on her name. She did not have one in the show, so the fans dubbed her “DJ Pon3.” In the “Equestria Girls” commercial aired by The Hub network, Hasbro/The Hub referenced the DJ pony with her fan-given name, so her name is now “canon.” Prior to this official recognition, however, other fans came up with the name “Vinyl Scratch” for her. Both names were used pretty equally in the fandom, so it’s now sort of assumed that Vinyl Scratch is her “real” name & DJ Pon3 is her stage/DJ name.

Now that we have her name straight, let’s talk about Scratch as a pony. She is a white or very light yellow unicorn (white on the show, but light yellow according to animators) with music notes as her cutie mark. Her eyes are never shown on the show because she wears purple goggles, but the fandom gave her red eyes. Her mane and tail are aqua and blue. DJ Pon3 appeared in one episode (“Suited for Success”) as the DJ at Rarity’s fashion show. She had no lines and appeared for only a brief second, but her grin & mysterious goggles drew in the fans and she is now one of the more popular background ponies. Here’s her outfit:

DJ Pon3's outfit

Derek Lam stretchy pants
$790 –

DC Shoes lightweight shoes
$60 –

Sterling silver jewelry
$9.94 –

KG Kurt Geiger square sunglasses
£60 –

£46 –

DJ Pon-3

Octavia’s Outfit

Today we feature the lovely and musically-inclined Octavia in our pony outfit post. Octavia is a light grey Earth pony with a dark grey mane & tail. Her eyes are purple and her cutie mark is a purple treble clef. She makes exactly two appearances in the show: once in the Grand Galloping Gala episode and once in “Sweet & Elite” at the garden party. In both instances, she is seen playing the cello. She wears a pink bow tie because she’s a fancy and sophisticated pony. Octavia, like many of the other background ponies, does not have an official Hasbro-given name. The fandom dubbed her Octavia, and she is often paired with Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 (who we will meet tomorrow) in art & fanfics because they are both musicians. Again, we don’t know a lot about her personality because she’s only been in the show twice, but she appears to be a very professional and serious pony. Here’s her fancy outfit:

Octavia's Outfit

Hervé Léger form fitting dress
$2,575 –

ASOS stilettos pumps
$69 –

Pineider embossed handbag
$165 –

Keychain jewelry
$9.95 –