Introductory Mishmash

Welcome to Miscellaneous Sheepery. I am Sheep, I will be your guide, blindly leading you through this amalgamation of random thoughts. In this, my very first blog, I will explain my purposes for writing a blog no one reads and give a list of things I will probably rant/blog about. Here we go:

Why I decided to write a blog no one reads:

1) I spent 4 years of my life in college, writing papers. I wrote papers for every class; I wrote during the week, and on weekends. I skipped parties to write papers, I turned down outings with friends to write papers. I wrote so many papers that I developed a paper-writing compulsion, but now I work at a retail job that requires no paper writing (or any other skills I learned in college). So, in order  to sate my desire to write stuff, I decided to make a blog.

2) I’m an undiscovered political and cultural commentary genius, and the whole world should hear what I have to say about everything, and take it as gospel truth. Kidding. I’m kidding.

What to expect from Miscellaneous Sheepery:

As the name implies, this is going to be a hodgepodge of random stuff that I find interesting, funny, outrageous, anger-inducing, palmface-worthy, or otherwise captures my attention.

1) Youtube videos – Mostly music, but some others too.

2) Political commentary- I am a conservative-leaning libertarian. I do not proclaim to have the ultimate answers to everything. If  I did, that would make me a liberal.

3) Cultural commentary- Kids these days…

4) Stories/suggestions/complaints about being a military wife – Never go to the PX on the 1st or the 15th. Actually, stay out of Wal Mart on those days too.

5) Delicious recipes that I think you should try

6) Whatever else I feel like talking about

Hopefully you will enjoy the randomness. Once again, welcome to Miscellaneous Sheepery.


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