The Best Led Zeppelin Song

Sometimes I think that I was born in the wrong decade. Being a child of the ’80s (I was born in 1987), I feel as though I missed out on seeing the best live rock ‘n roll bands in history. Sure, I’ve gone to see some ’80s bands in concert (Def Leppard, Journey, Heart, etc) and I even recently saw ZZ Top and Aerosmith together (and yes, they still rock, despite being 70 years old), but the BIG bands that really defined the 1960s and 1970s broke up long before I was conceived. By 1971, The Beatles had gone their separate ways, due in no small part to John Lennon’s death andYoko Ono (AKA Satan to my Beatles-loving husband and best friend). In 1968, Pink Floyd’s genius, Syd Barrett, LSD-ed himself into oblivion, and we were left with Roger Waters mewling about his daddy issues. In 1980, Led Zeppelin’s ambitious dummer undertook a massive vodka-shot-taking epidemic, which landed him 6 feet under. Obviously, the band couldn’t continue without a drummer, and they did not want to replace John Bonham, so they broke up shortly thereafter. Then The Who broke up in 1983. Most of the other major bands of the ’60s and ’70s had also broken up by the late ’80s, leaving me with only classic rock radio stations with which to enjoy their music. Anyway, this has been a long introduction to the point I wanted to make: I think, out of all the classic rock songs, this one makes me wish I had lived in time to see some of these bands in concert. I give you the greatest Led Zep song, ever: No Quarter. Close your eyes while you’re listening.


One Response to “The Best Led Zeppelin Song”

  1. johnhauge Says:

    for the most part zep became irrelevant after the second lp. ok, the third.

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