Pass me the pokers, please

So here are a list of things from the past week that make me want to stab hot pokers into my eardrums:

1. The Prez basically telling a group of college graduates that information from many sources can be distracting. Why the eff would you tell people that? You’re supposed to give some kind of speech about being lifelong learners, not encouraging them to focus solely on one or two sources of information. That defeats the purpose of going to college! What if researchers only used a couple of sources when writing a paper, an article, or a book? They would be leaving out tons of information and doing a disservice to those who rely on their research.

2. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is not a judge. How can you nominate someone to the HIGHEST COURT IN THE LAND with NO EXPERIENCE as a judge?! This is a dumb move, regardless of political party. Also, why is everyone so concerned with whether or not she’s a lesbian? Why is THAT our concern, instead of her lack of judgehood (judgeship? judge-ery? judge-iness?)? Obama and media, you’re both killing me here.

3. The tendency of women’s/fashion magazines to abbreviate words that do not need to be abbreviated. Examples of this include “vacay” (“vacation”, the least offensive of these), “delish” (instead of “delicious,”) and “gorge” (instead of “gorgeous” – makes my ears bleed). NO ONE talks like that. If someone came up to me and told me about this “gorge” beach they stayed at on their “vacay” and all the “delish” food they had there, I would punch them in the jugular.

*Sigh.* You may return to your lives now. I’m done ranting.


One Response to “Pass me the pokers, please”

  1. codecrackx15 Says:

    Obama just wants to limit the information to White house made video’s and sanctioned liberal journalists who will gloss over the real in favor of the frivolous.
    Obama said that someone who is chosen for the supreme court that has no judging experience should be scrutinized to the full degree….I wonder what he will say now…. He has no common sense, no management skill, no experience…and it is so clear. Worst administration – EVER!!!!

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