Don’t Let Me Down, Rand!

Dear Rand Paul,

Ok, so I’m not a Kentucky resident, but I live close enough to the KY border that I’ve begun following Kentucky politics as well as politics in my new home state of Tennessee. I’m pretty psyched about your win for the Republican primary today, because I like your dad (Ron Paul) and from what I’ve heard from and about YOU, I like you too. I listened to your victory speech, and your rhetoric seemed pretty much on point with what I wanted to hear. Now all I can do is pray that you stick to what you said and that you don’t get pulled in by the undertow of corruption and lack of principles in the political world. Stay faithful to your wife, don’t vote for a bunch of crap-filled bills, don’t vote for unnecessary spending, and do your best to further the causes of liberty and freedom. That’s all I ask from my political leaders. We as a nation are counting on you and other like-minded politicians to pull us back from the edge of financial ruin. I look forward to following your career. Please, please, PLEASE don’t let me down.

A Tennatucky Sheep

PS: Your choice of “The Spirit of Radio” by Rush as your pre-victory speech song gives me faith that you are, in fact, as awesome as I think you are.


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