My Favorite Things About Summer

Summer is my favorite season. I like spring and fall too (you can KEEP winter though), but there is something innately magical about summer. I guess I am conditioned to think this way because our educational system allows kids 3 months of freedom – AKA SUMMER! After spending 17 years in such a system (and with hopes of becoming a teacher in said system), summer still retains its magic for me, despite the fact that I am less free this summer than I have ever been in previous years, due to my job at Large Retail Store and my obligation to pay bills (lame). In order to relive the magic of summers past, I thought I might post a few photos that illustrate my favorite things about summer. Some of these were taken by me, some of them were taken by my husband or our friends, and the wedding cake was taken by the photographer at my wedding. No, I am not IN any of these photos – the folks pictured are my friends or my husband’s friends. Or Aerosmith. (Unfortunately I have not mastered the art of cropping photos very well, so if you’d like to see the whole photo, without parts of it being cut off, just click on it).

The beach! (Virginia Beach)


Playing frisbee!

No more standardized testing for 3 months!

Theme parks (Sea World, Orlando)

Outdoor concerts (Aerosmith)

Tubing/waterskiing (Smith Mountain Lake)

Baseball games (Mets at Nationals)

Carnival rides

Carnival food

Trips to the zoo (Nashville Zoo)


Outdoor political rallies

Sunsets over the water (Lake Kerr)

Hippies playing Led Zeppelin songs on the accordion at a family BBQ


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