Slaughtered by the Internet

I will warn you: This post is long. It also contains topics that some (most?) will find disturbing. There is some language, references to videos, & subject matter that is not suitable for some readers. Proceed with caution.

Okay, so by now, I’m sure you have probably heard the tale of Jessi Slaughter, but in case you haven’t, I will give you a brief overview here. A rumor starts on the teen gossip website StickyDrama that an 11-year-old girl who goes by the name Jessi Slaughter is rumored to be in a relationship with the leader singer (Dahvie Vanity) from a scene band called Blood on the Dance Floor. Jessi posts a video on YouTube entitled “Haters, Piercings, Stickydrama” to address these rumors, but in it she uses more profanity than most sailors, tells her “haters” that she’s going to put a Glock in their mouth & make a brain slushie, tells everyone that she is better than them because she has more fans, more friends, is prettier, etc, and generally says every inappropriate thing imaginable. Someone finds this video and posts it on the infamous /b/ board on 4chan, where the trolls & Anons research her to find out her real last name, her phone number, & her address. They then begin prank calling her house, sending her family death threats, & ordering pizzas, strippers, & police to be sent to her house. In response to this, Jessi posts yet another video, in which her father (who clearly doesn’t use the internet much) tells the harassers that “they dun goofed up” because knows who’s doing it because he “backtraced it”, and has reported them to the “cyber police” & the state police. Jessi & her family are now under police protection because of this situation.

Now I want you to Google these videos (“haters, piercings, stickydrama” and “you dun goofed”) & watch them. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

Back? Great. Let’s continue. I need to add a few details to this story that you don’t get from watching the videos. First, Jessi had at least one semi-nude photo of herself on the web (remember – she’s ELEVEN) and several others that showed her in some fairly suggestive poses. Second, before she deleted all of her online accounts, her Tumblr had very graphic descriptions of her sexual exploits with her girlfriend (ELEVEN!!!). I would like to directly address Ms. Jessi here, because I was just so disturbed by these videos & this whole story in general that I feel I need to say something to her.

Dear Jessi,
I would first like to let you know that I am only writing this because I am deeply concerned about you and your future. I am not writing it because I hate you or because I think I’m better than you. I’m writing it because I think I see you for what you really are: A misguided, attention-starved little girl who desperately needs help. You clearly have been provided with no guidance or supervision in real life or on the internet. There are a few points I want to address with you, and I hope you’ll take these into consideration.
1) YOU ARE ELEVEN YEARS OLD. Most 11-year-olds play video games, play outside, play with Barbies, & have sleepovers with their friends where they watch movies (PG or G only!), paint their nails, and talk about which boys in their class they think are cute. Maybe you should give this a try, instead of spending all your time on the internet talking to creepy people who are much older than you.
2) My husband is in the Army, and you use more profanity than him & his closest 5 friends COMBINED. Lay off the language, kiddo. It doesn’t make you look cool – it makes you look desperate for attention.
3) Have you ever shot a Glock? Have you ever shot any kind of gun at all? My guess here is going to be “no” because if you had, you would know that guns create something called “recoil,” and the recoil from a Glock would knock you on your skinny butt faster than you can say “cyberpolice.” Saying something like, “I’ll pop a Glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie,” sounds way cooler than going to jail for first-degree murder really is. What’s that? You say you didn’t really mean it? Doesn’t matter. You made a threat, and that is also against the law.
4) You are never going to be able to find a respectable job. People are going to Google your name when you’re 25 & just out of college looking for work, and these are the videos they’re going to find. Because your real last name got attached to these videos, it won’t matter that you’re not really Jessi “Slaughter.” You are probably going to have to hire one of those companies that fixes your Google search results to get rid of all the bad stuff, and who knows if they’ll really be successful at eliminating all traces of this incident.
5) I looked up the lyrics to some Blood on the Dance Floor songs. Wow. Not only is it the most sexually explicit garbage I’ve ever heard, it’s just bad music all around. I know that since you consider yourself “scene” you won’t listen to any genre of music that doesn’t end in “-core” so might I suggest some genres for you? I recommend “classic rock-core,” “oldies-core,” maybe a little “country-core,” and I think probably what you REALLY need is some “Christ-core.” At the very least, get some Led Zeppelin – at least their sexual innuendos were KIND OF subtle.
6) On your Tumblr, you posted some pretty graphic stuff about you and your “girlfriend.” A) As we’ve already established, YOU’RE ELEVEN. How can you possibly know your sexual orientation? Aren’t you too busy being worried about boys having cooties to even think about getting into someone’s pants, regardless of gender? B) No 11 year old should know about the things you described on your Tumblr. It is wildly inappropriate for you to be talking about that kind of stuff, let alone be involved in it. I don’t know if it’s something you made up for attention or if it’s real, but if it’s legit, you need to stop it.
7) You are rumored to have been in a relationship with Dahvie Vanity. Again, I don’t know if it’s real or made-up, but if it is real, it needs to stop, and here’s why: A) At one point, someone said to you “I bet you don’t even have your period yet,” to which you responded, “No, I don’t, which means I can **** my boyfriend anytime I want.” If you don’t have your period yet, you are not physically ready for sex. You cannot have children until you get your period. Since the natural & expected end result of sex is babies, a lack of menstruation means that you are not sexually mature yet. In other words, your body is unprepared to have sex. You are not developed enough yet. I don’t know if anyone has ever explained to you how these things work, but my guess is that they haven’t. B) Whether you can make babies yet or not, you can still catch diseases. These diseases, if left untreated, can evolve into much more serious and deadly conditions. Syphilis can literally cause you to go insane, because the virus infects your brain. HPV can cause cervical cancer. Obviously, everyone knows you die from AIDS (clearly you know this much, as evidenced by your video). If you do in fact have any of these diseases, most doctors are not going to think to check you for them because of your extremely young age. They could go untreated for years, and by that time you could have infected thousands of other people (either directly or indirectly) or you could be dead from AIDS. How does that sound? C) Dahvie Vanity is older than you… significantly older than you, if I’m not mistaken. In fact, he’s a legal adult who is over twice your age. Every state has laws that declare it illegal to have sex with someone who has not reached the age of consent. In Florida (your home state), the age of consent is 18 years of age – 16 or 17 if the two people involved are close in age. Note that all 3 of these ages are older than 11, which means that no one can legally have sex with you. It is a felony for someone to have sex with people your age because you are still a child. You are not physically, mentally, or emotionally developed enough to handle sex or its consequences. D) There is a word to describe the people who want to have sex with you – pedophiles. It does not matter their age, their physical condition, or their gender. If they want to get into an 11-year-old’s pants, they are a pedophile, and they are mentally ill people who need to be locked away (castrated? tarred & feathered? thrown into a tank of hungry sharks?) to protect the children in the areas where they live. By posting suggestive photos of yourself, you are only encouraging these monsters. Children are not supposed to be viewed in a sexual manner, and children who intentionally try to publicly portray themselves sexually need help too. E) You posted suggestive photos of yourself. I don’t know if there were any that actually showed things that should be covered by a bikini (and I don’t WANT to know), but if there were, you can be prosecuted for posting child pornography. It doesn’t matter that you posted the photos – it’s still child pornography and it is sick & illegal.
Please get some help for yourself. Stay off the computer, make some better friends. Stop hanging around with scene kids, and stop listening to bad music.
A concerned Sheep

Now that I have that out of the way, I would like to direct your attention to this article . It discusses the Jessi Slaughter situation & then states that the internet needs to be censored by the government to prevent things like this from happening (this article is from Australia, by the way). I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree wholeheartedly with this idea. Maybe this is just my silly Libertarian/classic liberal American way of thinking, but the government does not need to protect people from the interwebs. Does it need to prosecute people who do things like post and/or download child pornography? Yes. Does it need to censor everyone’s contact information and freedom of speech? No. What Jessi needed was not government intervention – it was parental supervision. Clearly, this child had none of that. She wore suggestive clothing that was too old for her, she listened to outrageously sexual music, hung out with people that were much older than her, cursed enough to make a sailor blush, and showed no signs of ever having been disciplined in her whole life. If her parents had been more involved in her life, both on and off the internet, this whole thing could have been avoided. Are the /b/tards completely innocent in this situation? Absolutely not. And before someone accuses me of “blaming the rape on the victim” here, let me say this: People are going to be jerks on the internet – it’s the nature of the beast, and we can’t change that. Anonymity is an important part of the internet, not just for ugly trolls to hide behind, but for regular people (like your woolly correspondent) to protect their privacy while online. If Jessi had not posted all of these unseemly videos & photos of herself, she never would have been targeted. And if she had not posted her phone number, address, and other personal info online, the harassment would not have gotten to the level that it did. YouTube and Facebook both state in their terms of use that no one under the age of 13 is allowed to have an account. Since Jessi is 11, she should not have had accounts in either of these places. Most other online social networking sites also require you to be at least 13. If her parents had been supervising her internet use, all of this could have been avoided. Parental controls make it easy to what your child can and cannot see online, and sweet Joseph & Mary, why does an 11 year old need a webcam?! Despite all that has happened surrounding her daughter’s videos on the internet, Jessi’s mother still claims to have never watched any of them. She is either totally ignorant of her daughter’s activities & genuinely believes her to be an innocent victim in this situation, or she is lying her face off to avoid legal consequences that may stem from this debacle, including child neglect, child endangerment, and (potentially, depending on whether or not Jessi posted nude photos of herself) possession of child pornography. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I hope the whole situation ends very soon for this family and that the experience will act as a wake-up call to all parties involved. Hopefully her parents will pay more attention to her daily activities, and hopefully she will learn that not all publicity is good publicity, despite what Hollywood (and Jessi herself) says.

This whole Jessi Slaughter fiasco contains a number of lessons, and some pretty tragic insight into American culture (or lack thereof?). It has taught us not to post personal information on the web. It has taught parents to monitor their children, both in real life and on the internet. It has taught young girls to act their age, and to consider the consequences (long & short term) of their actions, and it has taught people not to respond to trolls, as it only encourages them. Cultural insights: American music really is getting worse. Kids really are getting worse. Parents really are getting worse. 4chan really is getting worse. It’s not your imagination: we really are in a decline – the Pax Americana, if you want to call it that. If we don’t do something to change our culture, situations like this are going to become more and more common, complete with a crappy soundtrack.


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