I hate my job so I quit

This past Thursday was my last day at Large Retail Store and I am SO excited! It wasn’t that I hated what I did. I enjoyed working in jewelry and I liked the ladies I worked with. I just had some problems with my supervisors – mainly that they wouldn’t listen to us when we tried to explain things to them about our department, they treated us like we were children and treated our department like it wasn’t important, etc. So, I put in my two weeks notice, and they all acted shocked that I was leaving. Instead of hawking diamonds, I will now be battling mouthy teenagers 5 days a week, but I will have weekends, nights, and holidays off, which is a nice change. And it may lead to a permanent teaching job, which is even nicer! So, in celebration of me quitting Large Retail Store, I have a riddle for you: What do punks, rednecks, and gangsters all have in common?

Give up? They all hate their jobs. Here – I have proof!

My thoughts exactly, sirs.


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