It Doesn’t Matter What Color Casey Anthony Is

The big news for today is that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Now, I haven’t been following this case in depth, but it’s one of those things that you can’t help but hear about. My Facebook News Feed has been blowing up with all kinds of comments about the trial and the verdict since they announced it this afternoon.The consensus among the general American public (aside from the 12 people serving as her jury, apparently) is that Casey Anthony was guilty, and from what I’ve heard about the trial, I’m inclined to agree. Anyway, after I found out about the verdict and whatnot, I decided to check my Twitter*. One of the trending hashtags was #notguilty, unsurprisingly. What WAS surprising to me is that when I clicked on the link for #notguilty, I was treated to tons of tweets about how Casey Anthony was only found not guilty because she’s white. I will copy and paste some of these tweets here for you (with all spelling and grammar mistakes left uncorrected):

DemaniClassic Demani Classic
Would the #caseyanthonyverdict still be #notguilty if she was darker?

doitlike_a_boss J’nae Mackenzie
sooo Casey #notguilty but yet if it was someone black iSwear this case would’ve been too OC . she would’ve been sent to prison

In corparet america if your white your #notguilty

l0wbaby Miss L.O.W.
I wonder how #NotGuilty Casey Anthony woulda been if she was a black woman.

TNiCE252 Terence Warren
Casey Anthony is #NotGuilty But Tiger Woods is hated by millions because he Cheated on his white wife? -____-

TNiCE252 Terence Warren
Casey Anthony is #NotGuilty But Rosa Parks went to jail for sitting at the front of the bus? …..What a fair world we live in -___-

(Mr. Warren – That was over 50 years ago, when America was (shamefully) still segregated. It was nothing to do with anything in the Casey Anthony trial.)

rn1814 ✔Verified® DaBoss
#notguilty for a white women, but would’ve been GUILTY for a black women, I GUARANTEE.

Casey Anthony #NotGuilty but Nelson Mandela went to jail for 30 Years for standing up for his rights

(Mr. Steez – DIFFERENT. EFFING. COUNTRIES. Nelson Mandela lived through apartheid in South Africa. Yes, it’s completely unjust, but it has nothing to do with this trial.)

What shocks me about this is that they took a trial that had NOTHING to do with race and made it into a racial issue AND they seem more concerned about the fact that she was white and got off instead of being concerned about the fact that she KILLED HER CHILD and got off. As if being born white were the bigger crime! How can we as a nation move past the scourge of racism if literally every event in the media is turned into a racial issue, even when it has nothing to do with race? Just something to think about, America.

To round out this post, here are the tweets that I’m inclined to agree with about this whole situation:

Natt_Smiler Natalia Lopez
Casey Anthony found #NotGuilty Of the murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee, she murdered her child and everybody else know she did.

yASMiN37 Yasmin V ✔Verified®
Now we can move on, I bet you any money someone gunna say kus she white STFU !! NOT everything about if she was black or white #NotGuilty

JBibeliebinyouu вяεε ツ.♥
#NotGuilty? i guess Caylee killed herself, covered her own mouth with duct tape, put herself in a bag, and threw herself in the woods.

Mar4L Ronnie Spangler
Message from Anthony jury to young single mothers: Want to be able to party & have fun, just kill your kid. We will understand. #notguilty

CaLi_Dopeness Quan
Sooo if Casey Anthony is #notguilty shouldn’t she be asking the justice system to find the REAL killer instead of celebrating tears of joy

*Yes, I am guilty of having a Twitter. I got it for my Etsy shop. If the spirit moves you, you can follow me at @SheepsBeads.


6 Responses to “It Doesn’t Matter What Color Casey Anthony Is”

  1. Froska Moreira Says:

    It’s a race thing if she where BLACK more then likely would have been sent to jail

  2. miscellaneoussheepery Says:

    I just don’t think that’s true. Most people in this country seem to think that she was guilty, but the defense managed to raise enough reasonable doubt with the whole swimming pool story that the jury couldn’t convict her. They can’t issue a verdict based on gut feelings and common sense – they have to have physical evidence tying her to the crime. There just wasn’t enough hard evidence to link her to the murder, and that wouldn’t have changed if she were black. She ought to be in jail, but unfortunately she’s not the first person to get away with murder. Remember OJ Simpson?

  3. trena08 Says:

    I am black myself, and even I know it was not about race. Heck if anything it was reverse discrimination because the same thing goes on in my community all the time. The Da. could care less and not even charge the black mother in the first place.

  4. Lavern Rogers Says:

    I am so disappointed in the jury’s verdict, the Casey Anthony case, a child was murder and her mother walked around on this earth for 2-3 weeks and did nothing, about reporting it to the police, no real tears of worry…being out of her mind with worry or grief…come on people …what is wrong with this behavior..a little girl was killed…it is not OK and now MOM is free to go dancing w/no problems. How on earth could the jury go w/this verdict. Mom & Dad to this little girl seem to be just fine with it. God help us…this is awful…Lady in Texas

  5. Why do people try to turn Casey Anthony case into a race issue? - Crime in the news, unsolved cases - City-Data Forum Says:

    […] mentality has poisoned and warped our culture. Here's a sampling of articles I've come across- It Doesn't Matter What Color Casey Anthony Is. Casey Anthony: Must Everything Be About Race? Black or White, What Does It Matter? Casey Anthony […]

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