Women Have No Sense of Humor

This is my second rant post for the day, but it’s because the world just seems extra ridiculous today. First we had the mouthy kid in Walmart, now we have this article. The article, for those of you who subscribe to the TL;DR philosophy, is about a milk campaign that was designed to draw attention to the fact that milk can reduce the symptoms of PMS. It features guys being terrorized by their hormonal wives/girlfriends, and apologizing for their supposed slip-ups during this sensitive time of the month. Then they offer them milk. The website for the ad campaign was http://www.everythingidoiswrong.org. All in all, a pretty funny (and often truthful) group of ads. Unless you’re a woman, apparently. Then it’s offensive and mean. So the milk people have pulled all the ads and apologized for being such insensitive, woman-hating jerks. *Palmface*

Before I state my case here, let me remind you that I am, in fact, a certified female who gets bear-like with hormones once a month. Now, having said this, I think it’s ridiculous that they pulled this ad campaign. First of all, it’s true – many women are damn near intolerable when they’re PMS-ing. I should know, because I am one. You can ask the Sloth. I’m pretty much a terrible, mean person for 3-4 days of the month. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I feel bad about it afterwards. Second, why is it not ok to joke about this? We have dozens of television shows that portray men as stupid, incompetent, or downright braindead. Homer Simpson? Fry from Futurama? Peter Griffin? Kevin James’ character from King of Queens? The list goes on, but they’re all examples of men who can’t function without the help of their smart, beautiful, competent female counterpart. And that’s just the TV shows. In between those, during commercial breaks, we are bombarded by more images of ignorant, knuckle-dragging husbands who do nothing but lay around the house and try to get out of doing housework or try to steal their wives’ dessert-flavored yogurts. Meanwhile, their beautiful, domestic-goddess wives just roll their eyes and then step in to help out their poor, incompetent husband.

This is not feminism. This is out and out male-bashing, but we don’t hear men complaining about that. Their treatment by Hollywood and Madison Avenue is far inferior to that of women, but women are the ones complaining about any tiny thing that could be perceived as even remotely chauvinistic. Perhaps that’s why they treat them better. Or maybe they’re trying to make up for past sins against women. But the women of today are not the same women of yesterday. We are highly educated (there are more female graduates from college than there are male graduates), working in almost every job that men work in (the only exception I can think of is Special Forces in the military, and that needs to stay male), and generally doing pretty well for ourselves (except for running off all of our potential mates by being so terrifyingly aggressive and dominant). And men of today are not the men of yesterday. They are more sensitive, more egalitarian in their relationships with women, and more willing to sacrifice and compromise so that the woman in their life can pursue her own career and other goals. And so their reward is for us to portray them as collectively dumber than a box of rocks. No wonder they think we’re crazy!

Is this ad campaign insensitive? Yeah, probably a little. But I’m not offended. You see I was blessed with this device called a “sense of humor” which allows me to laugh at myself and my gender and all of my/our idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. I think the milk folks need to unapologetically reinstate this campaign and let women learn to laugh at ourselves, and maybe women should go a little easier on the guys. We sure can dish it out, but it seems we definitely can’t take it.


4 Responses to “Women Have No Sense of Humor”

  1. Jilly Says:

    Haha, Sheep. You used the word(s) “Knuckle-dragging”. Joking aside, today’s society is actually much more likely to pander to a female audience than to a male audience. Like you said, women are portrayed as multi-tasking miracle workers while their significant others can barely screw the lid on a jar. And while yes, this amuses us women, it’s scarcely fair to men. But they seem to take it in stride; in truth, they seem to be completely oblivious to the blatant sexism portrayed, because they’ve grown to accept this as fact. So are women proving that they can dish it out but they can’t take it? I believe so. Women do talk in double speak (I myself am guilty of it), “Oh, sure, whatever, I’m fine.” (which really means: No, it’s not that simple, find out what the hell I need, and keep pestering me until I answer you. But sometimes it can also mean just what it says.) So how can men be expected to interpret these complex signals when their TV counterparts are grunting out banalities and trying to escape to go drink a beer with buds while their society goddess wives flutter around the kitchen while saving the rainforest or whatever crap they spew out next. Society has been bending over backwards in order to appease women from back 60 years ago, to when the women’s rights movements started spawning. Let the men have a joke or two. God knows they need some ammunition, because they’re kind of seen as second class citizens as it is.

    • miscellaneoussheepery Says:

      100% agree, Mrs. Jilly Bean! My husband jokes(?) with me about how the white, married, Christian male is the most uncared about and most discriminated against citizen in the country. And it’s true. There is no special interest group for them, and since they were the harbingers of all evil in the past (according to our current version of history), our society figures that it’s their turn to be abused. It’s a shame, because it’s really taking a toll on men in our generation and the younger ones too. Boys (of all races) are pretty much being ignored or called stupid or ADHD, while girls (of all races) are graduating from college at high rates never seen before and accepting jobs as CEOs in major companies. I just don’t understand why feminism has to entail the downfall of men. I happen to like men and it makes me sad to see them struggling like they are. Wasn’t the original goal to make us equal?

  2. onetimelover Says:

    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. It is so great to know there are others particularly, female others, who are free thinking and fair-minded enough to see the horrible abuse heaped on the white anglo male and on men in general. I think most men do not care about the media and advertising etc. because most men consider all advertising and media….except maybe the superbowl comedic ads…..to be relentlessly banal Bullsh*t anyway. Which it is. I say this as a male who makes a good living in advertising…..most of the campaigns and projects I work on have a great deal of female input and oversight. While these women are not openly “man-hating” in any obvious way they do make and approve of jokes about men in our work that would never even be considered to flow in a vice versa fashion because that would be “abusive”.

    • miscellaneoussheepery Says:

      Yeah, it’s amazing seeing the number of advertisements that are blatantly anti-male. I remember a couple of years ago, Dodge made this Super Bowl commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPmYxLUoZVc) that listed all these things that “domesticated” men said they would do, and then it said “Because I will do all of this, I will drive the car I WANT to drive.” At the end of the commercial, the words “Man’s Last Stand” flashed on the screen. I remember thinking it was a great commercial (if kind of sad), but I also remember a pretty sizable backlash about how it was “anti-woman.” Because… you know… God forbid men want to actually BE MEN.

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