Apple Bloom’s Outfit

Today’s pony outfit belongs to Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom, who is Applejack’s little sister, is a yellow Earth pony with a reddish pink mane and tail. She wears a large pink bow in her mane and is the unofficial leader of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. All 3 of the CMCs are intent on getting their cutie marks, but Apple Bloom’s determination surpasses that of her two best friends. She has requested that Twilight Sparkle use magic to make it appear, and has also partaken of a potion that caused her to break out in cutie marks all over her body. Since she hasn’t really gotten her cutie mark yet, we don’t know what her special talent is, but the show heavily hints that it will be something related to construction and interior decorating in the episode “The Show-Stoppers.” Here’s her outfit.

Applebloom's Outfit

€10 –

H&M slim fit jeans
£30 –

Vans unisex shoes
£37 –

FjÄllrÄven knapsack bag
£50 –

Just Diamond 18 karat gold jewelry
$432 –

American Apparel hair clip accessory
$16 –


Sweetie Belle’s Outfit

In today’s post, we begin the outfits for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Once again, we need a little background. A pony’s “cutie mark” is the picture that appears on their flank sometime during their youth when they discover what their special talent or purpose in life is. There are three young fillies in Ponyville that are on a mission to get their cutie marks and discover who they are and what their talent is. They meet in the “Call of the Cutie” episode, where Apple Bloom is distressed that she’s the only filly she knows without her cutie mark. Then she meets Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo at a party and they become fast friends whenthey realize that they are all still without their cutie marks. They dub themselves “The Cutie Mark Crusaders” and vow to have tons of adventures and try all kinds of new things until they discover their talents. Today we’ll be taking a look at Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie, Rarity’s younger sister, is a white unicorn with a pink and lavender mane and tail. It is obvious to viewers of the show that her special talent is singing, but poor Sweetie Belle hasn’t quite figured that out yet. In addition to having some minor stage fright when it comes to singing in public, she still clings to dreams of being a famous designer like her sister Rarity. Even though she looks a little like Rarity as far as her coloring, that is where the similarities end. Unlike Rarity, Sweetie Belle is not afraid of getting dirty and she is not nearly as fussy about details. With the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and all of the other foals in the show, I tried to make their outfits look more little-kid-ish, since they’re supposed to be in elementary school. Here’s Sweetie’s outfit.

Sweetie Belle's Outfit

Proenza Schouler short sleeve top
$240 –

J Brand cotton jacket
£330 –

Ruffle skirt
$75 –

Dorothy Perkins square toe shoes
$28 –

Jeffrey Campbell pink bag
$169 –

Max Chloe chain jewelry
$40 –

Derpy’s Outfit

Since we’ve finished up the outfits for the Mane 6, I’m going to start on some of the secondary characters and background ponies today. First up, we have the official Brony mascot pony, Derpy Hooves. Before we get started, a little background is in order. Derpy was created by accident. In the first episode, older viewers noticed a wall-eyed pony standing in the background. Images of this pony were posted all over the internet (specifically on /b/ and /co/ on 4chan) and she soon became a fan favorite. The producers of the show said that her strange eye positioning was the result of an animation error, but once they realized how much everyone liked her, they left her in the show, hovering in the background looking confused. The fans dubbed her “Derpy Hooves” because of her crazy eyes, but until the middle of Season 2, she was not given a voice or a name by the shows producers. Then, in “The Last Roundup,” Rainbow Dash refers to her as “Derpy” and Derpy responds to Rainbow Dash with her very own voice, courtesy of Tabitha St. Germain (who also voices Rarity and numerous other characters). The fandom went wild with this official acknowledgement of MLP’s older fans and their mascot. And rightly so. It’s awesome and Derpy is an excellent pony.

Derpy is a grey Pegasus pony with a yellow mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a cluster of bubbles, though it’s unclear so far as to what her special talent is. In the third episode, “Applebuck Season,” she is seen in the background looking REALLY hyped about some muffins. Because of this, the fandom often portrays her as a muffin enthusiast. She is also depicted in fan art as Ponyville’s “mail mare,” though I have to admit that I’m unclear on the origins for this. She’s never depicted in the show carrying letters, or doing anything else mail-related, so I’m left to conclude that this is entirely made up by the fandom. Generally her personality is portrayed in one of two ways by the fans: 1) She is a bumbling, uncoordinated, and kind of dumb pony, but lovable and kind with a strong desire to be helpful, or 2) She is a scientific genius with terrible hoof-eye coordination. Either way, she is an awesome pony and deserves hugs and love. She’s tied with Fluttershy as my favorite. Here’s her outfit.

Derpy Hooves Outfit

Rainbow Dash’s Outfit

Today we’ll be rounding out the Mane 6 with the most popular pony among the fandom, Rainbow Dash. Dashie is a sky blue Pegasus pony with a rainbow mane & tail. She is quite the tomboy and there are thoroughly unsubstantiated rumors among the older fans of the show that she is a lesbian. Her cutie mark is a white cloud with a rainbow lightening bolt coming out of it and her special talent is flying super fast. She is the only pony to have ever created a sonic rainboom (twice!). She is from Cloudsdale, the Pegasus city in the sky, and while she spends a lot of time in Ponyville with her friends, she still lives in Cloudsdale with her (rather ironic) pet tortoise, Tank. She works for the Weather Patrol, clearing clouds from the sky and generally managing the weather in Equestria. Her dream, however, is to fly with the Wonderbolts – a Blue Angels-style team of flying Pegasuses (Pegasi?). Her Element of Harmony is Loyalty. Rainbow Dash is fiercely loyal to her friends and to Princess Celestia and she uses her swiftness to help people in danger, but she can also be very egotistical, impatient, & self-congratulating. She fears failure more than anything. The outfit I made for her is kind of strange, but here it is.

Rainbow Dash Outfit

Rarity’s Outfit

The star of today’s pony outfit post is the lovely and talented Rarity. Rarity is a white unicorn with a purple main and tail and is a member of the Mane 6. Her cutie mark is 3 blue diamonds and her special talent is finding gemstones with her horn. She runs a dress shop in Ponyville called Carousel Boutique, and she lives above her shop. She designs and sews all of the dresses herself and uses the gemstones she finds in her creations. Rarity has a fluffy white cat named Opalescence (or Opal, for short), who is probably a Persian breed. Her Element of Harmony is Generosity. She is a talented dressmaker with impeccable fashion sense who often makes special garments for her friends. Ironically, Rarity is sometimes guilty of thinking only of herself. She is also quite a drama queen and can be too focused on the details to see the big picture. Twilight Sparkle’s dragon assistant, Spike, has an epic crush on Rarity. Here’s her outfit.

Rarity Outfit

MaxMara lightweight coat
£620 –

Carvela platform shoes
£69 –

Blumarine clutch hand bag
€526 –

White gold diamond jewelry
£1,129 –

Irene Neuwirth rainbow jewelry
$58,820 –

Pinkie Pie’s Outfit

Today’s pony outfit is for the most random of ponies, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie was born on a rock farm, where she lived with her parents & two sisters, but her true calling is throwing parties and making ponies smile. She is a light pink Earth pony with a hot pink mane and tail and her cutie mark is 3 balloons – 2 blue, 1 yellow. Pinkie is perhaps the most versatile of the Mane 6. Her talents include baking, singing & songwriting, party-throwing/event-planning, and breaking the fourth wall. She is also a notorious practical joker, with help from Rainbow Dash. She makes her living working at the local Ponyville bakery, Sugar Cube Corner, under the supervision of its owners, Mr. & Mrs. Cake. Pinkie lives above the bakery and sometimes babysits the Cakes’ twin babies. She also has a toothless pet alligator named Gummy. Her Element of Harmony is Laughter. She loves to throw parties for other ponies & is able to make almost anyone smile and laugh, but sometimes she can be immature and paranoid about her friends not liking her. Here’s her outfit.

Pinkie Pie Outfit

Twilight Sparkle’s Outfit

Continuing with my Pony Outfits Series, today’s pony is Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is not only part of the Mane 6, she is also considered the unofficial leader of the group. The pilot episode of the show centered around her move to Ponyville from Canterlot in order to advance her studies under Princess Celestia. The princess sent her to Ponyville under the guise that Twilight was to help oversee preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. Her REAL reason for sending her, however, was to get her head out of the books and encourage her to make friends. And of course, she does. In each episode she (or one of the other ponies) writes to Princess Celestia about what they’ve learned about friendship during the week’s adventure. Twilight’s Element of Harmony is Magic. She is a purple unicorn with a pink, purple, and navy blue mane and tail. She lives in and runs the library in Ponyville, with help from her dragon assistant, Spike and her pet owl, Owlicious. Twilight is very organized, punctual, and a studious diehard nerd, but she can also be too much of a perfectionist and she is also somewhat clueless when it comes to social norms, since she lived most of her early life without close friends. If I were a pony, I would probably be a combination of Twilight Sparkle & Fluttershy. Here’s Twi’s outfit.

Twilight Sparkle Outfit

Plus size argyle sweater
$33 –

Faded jeans
£119 –

Travel shoes
$40 –

Mulberry leather bag
$1,500 –

Gold filigree jewelry
£8.25 –

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian star ring
$50 –

How To Dress For Success
£8.33 –

Cat eye sunglasses