Pinkie Pie’s Outfit

Today’s pony outfit is for the most random of ponies, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie was born on a rock farm, where she lived with her parents & two sisters, but her true calling is throwing parties and making ponies smile. She is a light pink Earth pony with a hot pink mane and tail and her cutie mark is 3 balloons – 2 blue, 1 yellow. Pinkie is perhaps the most versatile of the Mane 6. Her talents include baking, singing & songwriting, party-throwing/event-planning, and breaking the fourth wall. She is also a notorious practical joker, with help from Rainbow Dash. She makes her living working at the local Ponyville bakery, Sugar Cube Corner, under the supervision of its owners, Mr. & Mrs. Cake. Pinkie lives above the bakery and sometimes babysits the Cakes’ twin babies. She also has a toothless pet alligator named Gummy. Her Element of Harmony is Laughter. She loves to throw parties for other ponies & is able to make almost anyone smile and laugh, but sometimes she can be immature and paranoid about her friends not liking her. Here’s her outfit.

Pinkie Pie Outfit


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