Rainbow Dash’s Outfit

Today we’ll be rounding out the Mane 6 with the most popular pony among the fandom, Rainbow Dash. Dashie is a sky blue Pegasus pony with a rainbow mane & tail. She is quite the tomboy and there are thoroughly unsubstantiated rumors among the older fans of the show that she is a lesbian. Her cutie mark is a white cloud with a rainbow lightening bolt coming out of it and her special talent is flying super fast. She is the only pony to have ever created a sonic rainboom (twice!). She is from Cloudsdale, the Pegasus city in the sky, and while she spends a lot of time in Ponyville with her friends, she still lives in Cloudsdale with her (rather ironic) pet tortoise, Tank. She works for the Weather Patrol, clearing clouds from the sky and generally managing the weather in Equestria. Her dream, however, is to fly with the Wonderbolts – a Blue Angels-style team of flying Pegasuses (Pegasi?). Her Element of Harmony is Loyalty. Rainbow Dash is fiercely loyal to her friends and to Princess Celestia and she uses her swiftness to help people in danger, but she can also be very egotistical, impatient, & self-congratulating. She fears failure more than anything. The outfit I made for her is kind of strange, but here it is.

Rainbow Dash Outfit


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