Derpy’s Outfit

Since we’ve finished up the outfits for the Mane 6, I’m going to start on some of the secondary characters and background ponies today. First up, we have the official Brony mascot pony, Derpy Hooves. Before we get started, a little background is in order. Derpy was created by accident. In the first episode, older viewers noticed a wall-eyed pony standing in the background. Images of this pony were posted all over the internet (specifically on /b/ and /co/ on 4chan) and she soon became a fan favorite. The producers of the show said that her strange eye positioning was the result of an animation error, but once they realized how much everyone liked her, they left her in the show, hovering in the background looking confused. The fans dubbed her “Derpy Hooves” because of her crazy eyes, but until the middle of Season 2, she was not given a voice or a name by the shows producers. Then, in “The Last Roundup,” Rainbow Dash refers to her as “Derpy” and Derpy responds to Rainbow Dash with her very own voice, courtesy of Tabitha St. Germain (who also voices Rarity and numerous other characters). The fandom went wild with this official acknowledgement of MLP’s older fans and their mascot. And rightly so. It’s awesome and Derpy is an excellent pony.

Derpy is a grey Pegasus pony with a yellow mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a cluster of bubbles, though it’s unclear so far as to what her special talent is. In the third episode, “Applebuck Season,” she is seen in the background looking REALLY hyped about some muffins. Because of this, the fandom often portrays her as a muffin enthusiast. She is also depicted in fan art as Ponyville’s “mail mare,” though I have to admit that I’m unclear on the origins for this. She’s never depicted in the show carrying letters, or doing anything else mail-related, so I’m left to conclude that this is entirely made up by the fandom. Generally her personality is portrayed in one of two ways by the fans: 1) She is a bumbling, uncoordinated, and kind of dumb pony, but lovable and kind with a strong desire to be helpful, or 2) She is a scientific genius with terrible hoof-eye coordination. Either way, she is an awesome pony and deserves hugs and love. She’s tied with Fluttershy as my favorite. Here’s her outfit.

Derpy Hooves Outfit


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