Sweetie Belle’s Outfit

In today’s post, we begin the outfits for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Once again, we need a little background. A pony’s “cutie mark” is the picture that appears on their flank sometime during their youth when they discover what their special talent or purpose in life is. There are three young fillies in Ponyville that are on a mission to get their cutie marks and discover who they are and what their talent is. They meet in the “Call of the Cutie” episode, where Apple Bloom is distressed that she’s the only filly she knows without her cutie mark. Then she meets Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo at a party and they become fast friends whenthey realize that they are all still without their cutie marks. They dub themselves “The Cutie Mark Crusaders” and vow to have tons of adventures and try all kinds of new things until they discover their talents. Today we’ll be taking a look at Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie, Rarity’s younger sister, is a white unicorn with a pink and lavender mane and tail. It is obvious to viewers of the show that her special talent is singing, but poor Sweetie Belle hasn’t quite figured that out yet. In addition to having some minor stage fright when it comes to singing in public, she still clings to dreams of being a famous designer like her sister Rarity. Even though she looks a little like Rarity as far as her coloring, that is where the similarities end. Unlike Rarity, Sweetie Belle is not afraid of getting dirty and she is not nearly as fussy about details. With the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and all of the other foals in the show, I tried to make their outfits look more little-kid-ish, since they’re supposed to be in elementary school. Here’s Sweetie’s outfit.

Sweetie Belle's Outfit

Proenza Schouler short sleeve top
$240 – barneys.com

J Brand cotton jacket
£330 – harveynichols.com

Ruffle skirt
$75 – topshop.com

Dorothy Perkins square toe shoes
$28 – dorothyperkins.com

Jeffrey Campbell pink bag
$169 – urbanoutfitters.com

Max Chloe chain jewelry
$40 – maxandchloe.com


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