Apple Bloom’s Outfit

Today’s pony outfit belongs to Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom, who is Applejack’s little sister, is a yellow Earth pony with a reddish pink mane and tail. She wears a large pink bow in her mane and is the unofficial leader of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. All 3 of the CMCs are intent on getting their cutie marks, but Apple Bloom’s determination surpasses that of her two best friends. She has requested that Twilight Sparkle use magic to make it appear, and has also partaken of a potion that caused her to break out in cutie marks all over her body. Since she hasn’t really gotten her cutie mark yet, we don’t know what her special talent is, but the show heavily hints that it will be something related to construction and interior decorating in the episode “The Show-Stoppers.” Here’s her outfit.

Applebloom's Outfit

€10 –

H&M slim fit jeans
£30 –

Vans unisex shoes
£37 –

FjÄllrÄven knapsack bag
£50 –

Just Diamond 18 karat gold jewelry
$432 –

American Apparel hair clip accessory
$16 –


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