Luna’s Outfit

Today we move from the Cutie Mark Crusaders to the royal family in Canterlot. Our first royal pony is Luna, an alicorn (a pony with wings AND a horn) who is responsible for bringing about nightfall in Equestria. Her older sister Celestia is responsible for raising the sun and creating daytime. According to Equestrian history, Luna became jealous because the ponies of Equestria slept through her lovely nights and played during Celestia’s bright days. She refused to lower the moon to allow room for the sun, threatening to keep the ponies of Equestria in the dark forever. Her jealousy turned her into the terrifying Nightmare Moon, whom Celestia banished to the moon for 1000 years. We learn all of this in the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, when Twilight Sparkle is reading about Equestrian mythology. She finds out that the stars are supposed to aid in her escape very soon, so she and her friends must use the Elements of Harmony to combat her evil ways. Once they are victorious, Nightmare Moon is replaced by a humbled Luna, who, in later episodes, is revealed to be completely socially inept due to the change in customs during her stay on the moon. But she’s still lovable, even with her extremely loud voice. Here’s her outfit. I tried to make the royal outfits a little more dressy and classy.

Luna's Outfit

Azzaro glamorous dress
$959 –

Shrug Cardigan
£65 –

2 Lips Too stiletto heels
$45 –

Jon Richard flower wedding ring
£45 –

Diamond jewelry
$210 –


Scootaloo’s Outfit

Today’s Cutie Mark Crusader is Scootaloo. Scoots is an orange Pegasus pony with a fuchsia mane and tail. Poor Scootaloo. Up to this point in the show we’ve never seen Scootaloo fly, so much of the fandom is convinced that she is handicapped or developmentally delayed in some way. Other fans posit that her wings have not caught up with the growth of the rest of her body yet and that this is normal for Pegasus foals. In addition to her potentially being unable to fly, we have not met Scootaloo’s family, nor has she ever made mention of them, so she might be an orphan. Even though we don’t know anything about her family, we do know that she worships Rainbow Dash. She is also amazing on her scooter, doing tricks and jumps and transporting her two best friends around Ponyville on their adventures. It’s strongly implied that her scooter skills are her special talent, but of course she doesn’t know that yet. Here’s her outfit.

Scootaloo's Outfit

Rebel Yell deep v neck t shirt
$69 –

AG Adriano Goldschmied zipper jeans
£107 –

Veja shoes
€56 –

Yak Pak knapsack bag
$50 –

Chain jewelry
$250 –