Octavia’s Outfit

Today we feature the lovely and musically-inclined Octavia in our pony outfit post. Octavia is a light grey Earth pony with a dark grey mane & tail. Her eyes are purple and her cutie mark is a purple treble clef. She makes exactly two appearances in the show: once in the Grand Galloping Gala episode and once in “Sweet & Elite” at the garden party. In both instances, she is seen playing the cello. She wears a pink bow tie because she’s a fancy and sophisticated pony. Octavia, like many of the other background ponies, does not have an official Hasbro-given name. The fandom dubbed her Octavia, and she is often paired with Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 (who we will meet tomorrow) in art & fanfics because they are both musicians. Again, we don’t know a lot about her personality because she’s only been in the show twice, but she appears to be a very professional and serious pony. Here’s her fancy outfit:

Octavia's Outfit

Hervé Léger form fitting dress
$2,575 – mytheresa.com

ASOS stilettos pumps
$69 – asos.com

Pineider embossed handbag
$165 – forzieri.com

Keychain jewelry
$9.95 – drumbum.com



Colgate’s Outfit

Our outfit for today was inspired by Ponyville’s resident dentist, Colgate. Ok, her name isn’t REALLY Colgate, and we don’t know for sure that she’s a dentist. Her Hasbro-given name is “Minuette” but the toothpaste-like appearance of her tail caused all the bronies to dub her “Colgate.” Her cutie mark is an hourglass, which does not imply a talent related to dentistry, but the fandom took the whole “resembles toothpaste” thing to its logical(?) conclusion of, “therefore must be a dentist.” Colgate is a light blue unicorn with a white & royal blue mane & tail that, as previously mentioned, resembles toothpaste. She has light blue eyes & an hourglass cutie mark. Because bronies feel the need to put all the ponies in relationships, Colgate is often paired with Berry Punch (who we will meet in another post). Since she is a background pony who never has any lines, we don’t really know anything about her personality except for what the fandom has created. In the Ask Doctor Colgate blog it is implied that Colgate really doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing when it comes to dentistry. Or maybe the author of the blog just has a low opinion of all dentists as sadists. Anyway, here’s her outfit. I think it looks very dentist-y. What do you think?

Colgate's Outfit

H M three quarter sleeve top
£7.99 – hm.com

Missoni flare pants
$114 – my-wardrobe.com

Alexander Wang leather tote bag
$1,022 – boutique1.com

Fossil jewelry
$42 – macys.com

Sterling silver jewelry


Bon Bon’s Outfit

In today’s pony outfit post, we take a look at Lyra’s counterpart, Bon Bon. Bon Bon is a pale yellow/cream Earth pony with a navy blue and pink mane & tail. Her eyes are teal and her cutie mark is three pieces of candy. As I mentioned in the post for Lyra’s Outfit, the animators place Bon Bon & Lyra together in the background because their colors look good together, but many bronies have interpreted this to mean that the two ponies are lesbians (a ridiculous assumption, if you ask me). Anyway, whereas Lyra has never had a line in the show, Bon Bon has spoken in several different episodes. Unfortunately, the crew for the show has never assigned her one specific voice, so every time she has a line it comes out in a totally different voice. This has become an ongoing joke in the fandom and references to it can be found in comics, stories, art, etc. Here’s her outfit:

Bon Bon's Outfit

Shift dress

Fergie wedge high heels
$108 – heels.com

Gucci leather handbag
£729 – farfetch.com

Enamel jewelry
$200 – tiffany.com

Phoebe’s Blog Background Ponies!

Lyra’s Outfit

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of the Emerald Isle, today’s pony is green(ish)! She even has a harp cutie mark (Ok, it’s a lyre. Close enough). Yes, today’s pony is Lyra, a unicorn with a pleasant aqua-colored coat, white and mint green mane and tail, golden eyes, and lyre cutie mark. Lyra is a frequently occurring background pony who has never had a line but who shows up in nearly every episode. “Lyra” was a name given to her by the fans, since she was an unnnamed background pony. Later, Hasbro introduced a toy that looked like Lyra but was instead named “Heartstrings.” The brony community continued to refer to her as Lyra, since she was still unnamed on the show, in order to avoid confusion in fanfics and other fan art. Recently, however, Hasbro released a new toy that looks like Lyra but is now named “Lyra Heartstrings,” much to the excitement of the fandom.

The animators often place her standing next to another popular background pony, Bon Bon (also a fan-given name), which has sparked speculation among the fandom that they are lesbians. I think they’re just best friends. (Crazy bronies, always trying to make everypony a lesbian. Jeez). The animators maintain that the placement of the two ponies together is mostly coincidental & aesthetically-based. Their color combinations look good together, so they place them together often. But let’s get back to Lyra. Again, since she’s a background pony, we don’t know a great deal about her so the fandom has come up with all sorts of personality traits and quirks for her. In one of the earlier episodes, Lyra and Bon Bon are sitting together on a park bench. While Bon Bon is sitting with her hooves tucked underneath her like a regular pony, Lyra is sitting in a very distinctly human, upright-but-slouching position, as she is pictured below. The bronies took this strange positioning and ran with it, coming up with all sorts of stories about how Lyra is unhappy being a pony and that she really wants to be human. There are comics about her trying to learn to walk upright on two hooves, stories about her wanting to have hands instead of hooves, and pieces of fan art that give her other human characteristics. The running joke is that Lyra wants hands SO BAD, which is why I gave her nail polish in the outfit below. Surely if she had hands, she would want to show them off. Here’s Lyra’s outfit.

Lyra's Outfit

DKNY scoop neck top
£105 – harveynichols.com

ASOS crochet flat
$24 – asos.com

Diane von Furstenberg genuine leather handbag
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Just Gold 24k jewelry
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Nail polish
$5 – nordstrom.com

Zecora’s Outfit

So after taking a break from pony outfits yesterday to go on an angry political tirade, I’m back today with an outfit for Ponyville’s resident zebra, Zecora. In the episode where we are first introduced to her (“Bridle Gossip”), the other ponies in Ponyville fear Zecora because she is different from them. They think she is evil and involved in dark magic and all sorts of silly things. Of course, they come to learn that Zecora is just a zebra who is not originally from Ponyville (we don’t know her place of origin) and who uses herbal remedies to treat illnesses for other ponies and animals. She has become a regular minor character, with Twilight Sparkle and the gang regularly seeking her advice when they have problems or questions that have them stumped. Zecora has a curious habit of speaking in rhyme, but she is very wise and has her own subtle brand of humor. She is, as I mentioned, a zebra, with teal eyes and a spiral-sun cutie mark. She wears a lot of gold jewelry and it’s implied, of course, that if she were human she would be from an African country. Here’s her outfit:

Zecora's Outfit

Emilio Pucci linen dress
$1,170 – net-a-porter.com

KORS Michael Kors flat sandals
$350 – neimanmarcus.com

Golden Goose leather tote bag
£674 – farfetch.com

ASOS gold bangle
$18 – asos.com

Miss Selfridge chain jewelry
$44 – missselfridge.com

Vince Camuto hoop earrings
$32 – macys.com


Breaking News: Virginia Woman Doesn’t Care about Women’s Issues

I have (barely) held my silence about this issue for a few weeks now, but my rage has reached a boiling point and I can contain it no longer. Why in the name of Jesus H. Christ are we talking about birth control when Syria is in the middle of a civil war, Greece is on the verge of financial collapse, our own economy is still in the toilet, we’re in the middle of one of the biggest and most important elections in our history, and Iran is THIS CLOSE to getting nuclear weapons? I think we have bigger issues in this country than who is paying for our birth control.

I’ve been following this obnoxious line of public discourse for a couple of weeks now (vaguely at first, and more intensely after the Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke incident), and each week I’ve become a little more outraged. First of all, if you KNOW that a school or company does not share your values, then why would you chose to go there? If the fact that their insurance doesn’t cover birth control is a big deal for you, then go somewhere else. If you need birth control for a medical condition, you can supplement your employer’s insurance with insurance that DOES cover it, or you can get it on the cheap at Planned Parenthood (since that’s what they claim their main business is – supplying health care to under-served women). And why is everyone acting like this is “limiting” access to birth control? No one is saying “You can’t have that.” They’re just saying “You can have it, but we’re not going to pay for it because it goes against something that we strongly believe in.” The government has no right to FORCE someone to pay for something that they believe is wrong. If we just stopped tying employment to insurance, we could solve a lot of these problems.

Second, everyone keeps talking about “women’s rights,” or, to speak more plainly, “abortion.” First, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a “right” to abortion, because it infringes on the right of another human being to live, but putting aside my moral objections to the practice, let’s look at this fairly. If women have a “right” to abortion, or birth control for that matter, then we also have a responsibility to pay for it. I don’t know why we suddenly assume that just because we’ve decided we have a “right” to a good or service means that we don’t have a responsibility to pay for it. We keep saying “keep your laws off my uterus” but the unspoken end of that phrase is “but keep the money, pills, and abortions flowing.” We have a responsibility for everything that we put into our bodies and everything that we DO with our bodies. So how can we expect others to pay for the consequences of our actions? We have a right to free speech, but no one demands that the government pay for us to publish books. Isn’t the government subsidizing our rights with tax dollars in contrast to everything the founders intended? Those rights were enumerated specifically to PROTECT US from the government. If the government is paying for something that is deemed a “right,” isn’t that a precarious situation? Like Jefferson said, “A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away.”

Smart guy, that Jefferson

Third, there is an enormous amount of hypocrisy in the media over this Limbaugh-Fluke incident, and I find that to be extremely offensive, as both a conservative and a woman. Was Rush Limbaugh wrong to call Sandra Fluke a prostitute? Absolutely. But what really irks me is that Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and even Hilary Clinton were called all sorts of vile names by a number of people in the media, and I heard little to no outcry over that. They definitely didn’t receive an apology phone call from Barack Obama. Believe me, I’m not a big fan of any of those 3 women, but I do believe they have been treated very unfairly by the press. Can we at least PRETEND to be SOMEWHAT outraged when conservative women are mistreated by the media? Where were the feminists when Bill Maher repeatedly called Sarah Palin a cunt? Why are they only outraged when women of their own political leanings are insulted? Are conservative women not worthy of the same respect given to liberal women?

Unless you're conservative, of course. Then eff you.

Fourth, American women seem to be under the delusion that this so-called “right” to abortion is THE most important right that we have and that there is a “war on women” in this country. I’m sorry, but there are women around the world who are never taught to read and who aren’t even allowed to leave their house without a male relative with them. Please don’t act like you are SO OPPRESSED when there are places where it is ILLEGAL for girls to go to school – where you could be killed for trying to get an education. And we’re complaining because we might have to pay for our own birth control? No wonder the rest of the world seems to hate us.

And you think YOU'RE oppressed because you have to pay for birth control?

Finally, there has been a great deal of anger directed at “white men” during this whole debacle. More than usual, I mean. I’m so sick of this cliched political cop-out that I could just vomit. The point of feminism is not to demean men, to speak ill of them, or to put women above men. The goal was to make us equals in the eyes of the government & society. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. Not everything bad in the world stems from this vague, evil group of “white men.” I know a lot of white men. I married one. My dad is a white guy. If I ever have a son, he’ll be a white man. I had a lot of good teachers who were white men, and both of the pastors of my church are white men. I’m quite fond of all these “evil white men,” and I wish the media would get off their nuts. Literally. And can we stop with all the dumb comments about “Where are the laws for just MEN’S health? HUH?? Why aren’t THEY targeted?” I’ll tell you why. Because like it or not, men cannot carry babies. It’s a fact of biology. I know that upsets a lot of women, but you can’t change nature. Getting a prostate exam just isn’t as controversial as vacuuming a dismembered baby from the womb.

So, can we move on now? Can we stop talking about birth control and worry about stuff that really matters? Because the world is kind of falling apart around us, and I think that’s slightly more important that who pays for birth control.

Mayor Mare’s Outfit

Our pony outfit takes a political turn today as we look at Ponyville’s mayor, Mayor Mare. The Mayor is a khaki/tan colored Earth pony with a grey/silver mane & tail and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a scroll. As with Cheerilee, we don’t know a great deal about the Mayor because she is a minor character. Throughout the course of the series, she has made many speeches about several different topics. We learn in “The Last Round Up” that she is very concerned with money, and in “Winter Wrap Up” when she realizes that winter will not be wrapped up on time, she says, “Another year of scandal and shame! ” So her concerns are making speeches, money, and political scandal – basically, she’s your average politician. Here’s the Mayor’s outfit:

Mayor Mare's Outfit

Gucci long sleeve shirt
£250 – flannelsfashion.com

Valentino wool blazer
$593 – theoutnet.com

Marni wide leg pants
$171 – theoutnet.com

Pour La Victoire platform high heels
$113 – theoutnet.com

J Crew genuine leather handbag
$238 – jcrew.com

Pyrrha antique jewelry
$98 – shoptwigs.com

Mayor Mare