Celestia’s Outfit

Today we have the other half Equestria’s ruling family – Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia, like her younger sister Luna, is an alicorn (which is a pony with wings like a Pegasus and a horn like a unicorn). While Luna is dark blue to represent the night, Celestia is white to represent the day. Her cutie mark is a sun, and her mane/tail is long and wavy and several different colors. It looks like cotton candy, if cotton candy was sparkly. While she and her sister are supposed to be co-rulers, it’s obvious that Celestia is the more dominant one of the pair, since she ruled for 1000 years by herself after she banished her sister to the moon. Celestia is in charge of raising the sun every day. In some episodes, she has displayed omnipotence and it is implied that she is immortal, which means that she holds both the qualities of royalty as well as those of a deity. Basically, she’s a god-queen. She’s also Twilight Sparkle’s mentor and sometimes drops in on Ponyville to see how her studies are going. She is often portrayed by the fandom in stories and pictures as a troll (in the internet sense, not in the “troll living under a bridge trying to eat billy-goats” sense) because of certain troll-like things she has done in a few of the episodes. All in all, I’d vote for Celestia & Luna over any of our current Presidential candidates. Here’s Luna’s outfit.

Celestia's Outfit

Alexander mcqueen dress
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Burberry gabardine coat
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Two Lips pewter heels
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TIARA bride jewelry
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Chopard 18k rose gold jewelry
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Princess Celestia


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