Cheerilee’s Outfit

Our pony outfit post for today focuses on Ponyville’s teacher, Cheerilee. Cheerilee is a magenta/fuchsia Earth pony with a two-tone pink mane & tail & green eyes, and her cutie mark is 3 smiling daisies. We don’t know a great deal about her from the show, since she’s a minor character. In “Call of the Cutie,” she gives the class a lesson on cutie marks by telling the class about how she discovered her special talent and showing a picture of herself from when she was little. In the picture, she’s decked out in full ’80s regalia, complete with leg warmers and crimped hair, so we can assume that if she were a human, she would be in her 30s. We also know that she is not married, nor does she have a boyfriend, despite the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ attempt at hooking her up with Big Mac for Hearts & Hooves Day (think Valentine’s Day, but for ponies). She is portrayed as a firm but compassionate and loving teacher who is not afraid to discipline her students, but we know almost nothing about her personal life. Hopefully this doesn’t lead the little kids watching the show to believe the old myth that their teachers never leave school.

When I’m making these outfits, I try to pick items that match the coloring of the ponies, but also their personalities and careers/hobbies. I tired to give Cheerilee an outfit that a teacher could actually wear, and I think it came out well. I’D wear this one, anyway. =)

Cheerilee's Outfit

Allude cashmere cardigan
€229 –

Antonio Berardi shirts blouse
$1,560 –

Hobbs black pants
£65 –

Anniel ballet shoes
€55 –

ASOS bowler handbag
$63 –

Daisy earrings
£20 –



2 Responses to “Cheerilee’s Outfit”

  1. Blair Says:

    i love youre MLP outfits- theyre so cute

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