Mayor Mare’s Outfit

Our pony outfit takes a political turn today as we look at Ponyville’s mayor, Mayor Mare. The Mayor is a khaki/tan colored Earth pony with a grey/silver mane & tail and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a scroll. As with Cheerilee, we don’t know a great deal about the Mayor because she is a minor character. Throughout the course of the series, she has made many speeches about several different topics. We learn in “The Last Round Up” that she is very concerned with money, and in “Winter Wrap Up” when she realizes that winter will not be wrapped up on time, she says, “Another year of scandal and shame! ” So her concerns are making speeches, money, and political scandal – basically, she’s your average politician. Here’s the Mayor’s outfit:

Mayor Mare's Outfit

Gucci long sleeve shirt
£250 –

Valentino wool blazer
$593 –

Marni wide leg pants
$171 –

Pour La Victoire platform high heels
$113 –

J Crew genuine leather handbag
$238 –

Pyrrha antique jewelry
$98 –

Mayor Mare


2 Responses to “Mayor Mare’s Outfit”

  1. styleconnectau Says:

    I love this outfit – could be corporate wear or a dinner outfit. I like the mix of the green top and the blue handbag xx

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