Bon Bon’s Outfit

In today’s pony outfit post, we take a look at Lyra’s counterpart, Bon Bon. Bon Bon is a pale yellow/cream Earth pony with a navy blue and pink mane & tail. Her eyes are teal and her cutie mark is three pieces of candy. As I mentioned in the post for Lyra’s Outfit, the animators place Bon Bon & Lyra together in the background because their colors look good together, but many bronies have interpreted this to mean that the two ponies are lesbians (a ridiculous assumption, if you ask me). Anyway, whereas Lyra has never had a line in the show, Bon Bon has spoken in several different episodes. Unfortunately, the crew for the show has never assigned her one specific voice, so every time she has a line it comes out in a totally different voice. This has become an ongoing joke in the fandom and references to it can be found in comics, stories, art, etc. Here’s her outfit:

Bon Bon's Outfit

Shift dress

Fergie wedge high heels
$108 –

Gucci leather handbag
£729 –

Enamel jewelry
$200 –

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