Colgate’s Outfit

Our outfit for today was inspired by Ponyville’s resident dentist, Colgate. Ok, her name isn’t REALLY Colgate, and we don’t know for sure that she’s a dentist. Her Hasbro-given name is “Minuette” but the toothpaste-like appearance of her tail caused all the bronies to dub her “Colgate.” Her cutie mark is an hourglass, which does not imply a talent related to dentistry, but the fandom took the whole “resembles toothpaste” thing to its logical(?) conclusion of, “therefore must be a dentist.” Colgate is a light blue unicorn with a white & royal blue mane & tail that, as previously mentioned, resembles toothpaste. She has light blue eyes & an hourglass cutie mark. Because bronies feel the need to put all the ponies in relationships, Colgate is often paired with Berry Punch (who we will meet in another post). Since she is a background pony who never has any lines, we don’t really know anything about her personality except for what the fandom has created. In the Ask Doctor Colgate blog it is implied that Colgate really doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing when it comes to dentistry. Or maybe the author of the blog just has a low opinion of all dentists as sadists. Anyway, here’s her outfit. I think it looks very dentist-y. What do you think?

Colgate's Outfit

H M three quarter sleeve top
£7.99 –

Missoni flare pants
$114 –

Alexander Wang leather tote bag
$1,022 –

Fossil jewelry
$42 –

Sterling silver jewelry



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