Biographical Sheepery

Who is this “Sheep,” this mysterious farm animal guiding you through this blog experience? Why should you trust someone who goes by a nickname that implies conformity and conjures up images of inappropriate interspecies relations? Well, you probably SHOULDN’T trust someone like that. They sound highly questionable.

But, if you wish to know general info about this person, here you go: I am 22, female, college-educated to be a high/middle school history or government teacher, but instead I’m working at a large big box retail store because this economy is lame. I substitute teach on occasion. I am married to a man in the Army, and we live in Tennessee near Ft. Campbell. No kids yet, and no pets because apartments are stupid (more on that later). We both originally hail from just outside of Richmond, VA, and I went to college in Lynchburg, VA (more on that later also). Politically, I would classify myself as a conservative-leaning Libertarian. I like the Constitution, and I also like Jesus.


11 Responses to “Biographical Sheepery”

  1. Lucky Flaush Says:

    And you forget: you have big talent in writing. A friend from Romania salutes you!

  2. ZB Says:

    Hi, like the blog! i have a new blog also and was hoping we could swap blogroll links.

  3. heresofar Says:

    I saw your blog a few days ago when it was on the homepage, and I love it! I find you to be rather refreshing. 🙂

  4. careknet Says:

    Hey there! I am so loving your bead work!!

  5. careknet Says:

    I will have to order something. I love the beads and style of the multicolored mulitstrand necklace. Can you make it into a bracelet? I have started working with beads, but mine do not turn out near as well as yours. I have started doing the hemp bracelets, but just for the kids, me and hubby; I enjoy it. lol
    Yeppers, lol I am careknet on there. I was reading Dana’s blog and saw yours…I was like I know her. lol

  6. miscellaneoussheepery Says:

    Sure, I can make you a bracelet. Just let me know what length you’d like and what colors you prefer. =) I didn’t even know Dana knew I had a blog!

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