Diamond Tiara’s Outfit

For those of you who still read this regularly, I promise that at some point I will stop doing posts about ponies and outfits dedicated to them and move on to other things. In the mean time, I like ponies. They’re cute and they make me happy. Therefore, ponies will continue for the foreseeable future. Also, sorry for not posting anything lately. I was moving and unpacking and I’m still in the process of trying to find a job that does not involve a deep fryer.

Our pony for today is Ponyville Elementary’s meanest bully, Diamond Tiara. Diamond Tiara and her sidekick, Silver Spoon (who we will meet next time) are those girls in school that made fun of you because you didn’t develop fast enough, or tried to make you embarrassed about your family, or made fun of you because they were enormously wealthy and you weren’t. In other words, they’re bitches. We first meet Diamond Tiara in “Call of the Cutie” when she gets her cutie mark and proceeds to mock Apple Bloom & Twist for being blank flanks. She has a “cuteceanera” to celebrate her cutie mark and invites AB & Twist to make fun of them. I don’t want to ruin the episode for you, but let’s just say things don’t go well for Diamond Tiara. She appears in a few other episodes later on, including “Family Appreciation Day” in which she points out Granny Smith’s unusual behavior to Apple Bloom to make her embarrassed. Later, we find out that there is a method to Granny’s madness, and that she plays an important role in Ponyville’s history.

Diamond Tiara is a pink Earth pony with a lavender and white mane and cornflower blue eyes. Her cutie mark (unsurprisingly) is a diamond tiara. Here’s an outfit for her:

Diamond Tiara's Outfit

AK Anne Klein flat shoes
$75 – macys.com

Versace shoulder handbag
$1,326 – luisaviaroma.com

Jon Richard wedding hair accessory
£50 – debenhams.com

Chiffon dress