DJ Pon3’s outfit

Continuing with the musical ponies, today we have an outfit for Ponyville’s DJ & techno guru, Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ Pon3. First, some background on her name. She did not have one in the show, so the fans dubbed her “DJ Pon3.” In the “Equestria Girls” commercial aired by The Hub network, Hasbro/The Hub referenced the DJ pony with her fan-given name, so her name is now “canon.” Prior to this official recognition, however, other fans came up with the name “Vinyl Scratch” for her. Both names were used pretty equally in the fandom, so it’s now sort of assumed that Vinyl Scratch is her “real” name & DJ Pon3 is her stage/DJ name.

Now that we have her name straight, let’s talk about Scratch as a pony. She is a white or very light yellow unicorn (white on the show, but light yellow according to animators) with music notes as her cutie mark. Her eyes are never shown on the show because she wears purple goggles, but the fandom gave her red eyes. Her mane and tail are aqua and blue. DJ Pon3 appeared in one episode (“Suited for Success”) as the DJ at Rarity’s fashion show. She had no lines and appeared for only a brief second, but her grin & mysterious goggles drew in the fans and she is now one of the more popular background ponies. Here’s her outfit:

DJ Pon3's outfit

Derek Lam stretchy pants
$790 –

DC Shoes lightweight shoes
$60 –

Sterling silver jewelry
$9.94 –

KG Kurt Geiger square sunglasses
£60 –

£46 –

DJ Pon-3