Octavia’s Outfit

Today we feature the lovely and musically-inclined Octavia in our pony outfit post. Octavia is a light grey Earth pony with a dark grey mane & tail. Her eyes are purple and her cutie mark is a purple treble clef. She makes exactly two appearances in the show: once in the Grand Galloping Gala episode and once in “Sweet & Elite” at the garden party. In both instances, she is seen playing the cello. She wears a pink bow tie because she’s a fancy and sophisticated pony. Octavia, like many of the other background ponies, does not have an official Hasbro-given name. The fandom dubbed her Octavia, and she is often paired with Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 (who we will meet tomorrow) in art & fanfics because they are both musicians. Again, we don’t know a lot about her personality because she’s only been in the show twice, but she appears to be a very professional and serious pony. Here’s her fancy outfit:

Octavia's Outfit

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