Twist’s Outfit

Our pony for today is Twist, a classmate of Applebloom (and in later episodes, all of the Cutie Mark Crusaders). Twist is a nerdy, cream-colored Earth pony with a red-orange, curly mane & tail. She has pink eyes, wears purple glasses, & talks with a lisp. Her cutie mark is two candy cames arranged in the shape of a heart. When we first meet Twist in “Call of the Cutie,” she is a blank flank like Applebloom. She and Applebloom are invited to Diamond Tiara’s “Cuteceanera,” and decide to go together since they are both the only ponies in the class without cutie marks. The afternoon of the party, Applebloom goes to visit Twist, only to discover that Twist has received her cutie mark for candy-making. Twist appears in several other episodes, either in the background or in class with the CMCs. Here’s an outfit for her:

Twist's Outfit

Wildfox Couture crew neck sweater
€129 –

RED Valentino pleated skirt
$395 –

Forever 21 tennis shoes
$6.50 –

Jansport backpack
$30 –

Enamel jewelry
$150 –

File Twist.png