Silver Spoon’s Outfit

I’m doing another pony outfit today, because why not? Today we meet Diamond Tiara’s sidekick, Silver Spoon. Like Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon is stuck-up and mean. Her name and cutie mark imply that she is wealthy, but we have never met her family and don’t really know anything about her home life. She is a grey earth pony with a two-toned light grey mane (which she wears in a braid) and tail. She has lavender eyes and wears blue-framed glasses and a blue pearl necklace. Her cutie mark is, unsurprisingly, a silver spoon. Here’s an outfit for her:

Silver Spoon's Outfit

Gray dress

Ballet flat


Diamond Tiara’s Outfit

For those of you who still read this regularly, I promise that at some point I will stop doing posts about ponies and outfits dedicated to them and move on to other things. In the mean time, I like ponies. They’re cute and they make me happy. Therefore, ponies will continue for the foreseeable future. Also, sorry for not posting anything lately. I was moving and unpacking and I’m still in the process of trying to find a job that does not involve a deep fryer.

Our pony for today is Ponyville Elementary’s meanest bully, Diamond Tiara. Diamond Tiara and her sidekick, Silver Spoon (who we will meet next time) are those girls in school that made fun of you because you didn’t develop fast enough, or tried to make you embarrassed about your family, or made fun of you because they were enormously wealthy and you weren’t. In other words, they’re bitches. We first meet Diamond Tiara in “Call of the Cutie” when she gets her cutie mark and proceeds to mock Apple Bloom & Twist for being blank flanks. She has a “cuteceanera” to celebrate her cutie mark and invites AB & Twist to make fun of them. I don’t want to ruin the episode for you, but let’s just say things don’t go well for Diamond Tiara. She appears in a few other episodes later on, including “Family Appreciation Day” in which she points out Granny Smith’s unusual behavior to Apple Bloom to make her embarrassed. Later, we find out that there is a method to Granny’s madness, and that she plays an important role in Ponyville’s history.

Diamond Tiara is a pink Earth pony with a lavender and white mane and cornflower blue eyes. Her cutie mark (unsurprisingly) is a diamond tiara. Here’s an outfit for her:

Diamond Tiara's Outfit

AK Anne Klein flat shoes
$75 –

Versace shoulder handbag
$1,326 –

Jon Richard wedding hair accessory
£50 –

Chiffon dress

Twist’s Outfit

Our pony for today is Twist, a classmate of Applebloom (and in later episodes, all of the Cutie Mark Crusaders). Twist is a nerdy, cream-colored Earth pony with a red-orange, curly mane & tail. She has pink eyes, wears purple glasses, & talks with a lisp. Her cutie mark is two candy cames arranged in the shape of a heart. When we first meet Twist in “Call of the Cutie,” she is a blank flank like Applebloom. She and Applebloom are invited to Diamond Tiara’s “Cuteceanera,” and decide to go together since they are both the only ponies in the class without cutie marks. The afternoon of the party, Applebloom goes to visit Twist, only to discover that Twist has received her cutie mark for candy-making. Twist appears in several other episodes, either in the background or in class with the CMCs. Here’s an outfit for her:

Twist's Outfit

Wildfox Couture crew neck sweater
€129 –

RED Valentino pleated skirt
$395 –

Forever 21 tennis shoes
$6.50 –

Jansport backpack
$30 –

Enamel jewelry
$150 –

File Twist.png

DJ Pon3’s outfit

Continuing with the musical ponies, today we have an outfit for Ponyville’s DJ & techno guru, Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ Pon3. First, some background on her name. She did not have one in the show, so the fans dubbed her “DJ Pon3.” In the “Equestria Girls” commercial aired by The Hub network, Hasbro/The Hub referenced the DJ pony with her fan-given name, so her name is now “canon.” Prior to this official recognition, however, other fans came up with the name “Vinyl Scratch” for her. Both names were used pretty equally in the fandom, so it’s now sort of assumed that Vinyl Scratch is her “real” name & DJ Pon3 is her stage/DJ name.

Now that we have her name straight, let’s talk about Scratch as a pony. She is a white or very light yellow unicorn (white on the show, but light yellow according to animators) with music notes as her cutie mark. Her eyes are never shown on the show because she wears purple goggles, but the fandom gave her red eyes. Her mane and tail are aqua and blue. DJ Pon3 appeared in one episode (“Suited for Success”) as the DJ at Rarity’s fashion show. She had no lines and appeared for only a brief second, but her grin & mysterious goggles drew in the fans and she is now one of the more popular background ponies. Here’s her outfit:

DJ Pon3's outfit

Derek Lam stretchy pants
$790 –

DC Shoes lightweight shoes
$60 –

Sterling silver jewelry
$9.94 –

KG Kurt Geiger square sunglasses
£60 –

£46 –

DJ Pon-3

Octavia’s Outfit

Today we feature the lovely and musically-inclined Octavia in our pony outfit post. Octavia is a light grey Earth pony with a dark grey mane & tail. Her eyes are purple and her cutie mark is a purple treble clef. She makes exactly two appearances in the show: once in the Grand Galloping Gala episode and once in “Sweet & Elite” at the garden party. In both instances, she is seen playing the cello. She wears a pink bow tie because she’s a fancy and sophisticated pony. Octavia, like many of the other background ponies, does not have an official Hasbro-given name. The fandom dubbed her Octavia, and she is often paired with Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 (who we will meet tomorrow) in art & fanfics because they are both musicians. Again, we don’t know a lot about her personality because she’s only been in the show twice, but she appears to be a very professional and serious pony. Here’s her fancy outfit:

Octavia's Outfit

Hervé Léger form fitting dress
$2,575 –

ASOS stilettos pumps
$69 –

Pineider embossed handbag
$165 –

Keychain jewelry
$9.95 –


Colgate’s Outfit

Our outfit for today was inspired by Ponyville’s resident dentist, Colgate. Ok, her name isn’t REALLY Colgate, and we don’t know for sure that she’s a dentist. Her Hasbro-given name is “Minuette” but the toothpaste-like appearance of her tail caused all the bronies to dub her “Colgate.” Her cutie mark is an hourglass, which does not imply a talent related to dentistry, but the fandom took the whole “resembles toothpaste” thing to its logical(?) conclusion of, “therefore must be a dentist.” Colgate is a light blue unicorn with a white & royal blue mane & tail that, as previously mentioned, resembles toothpaste. She has light blue eyes & an hourglass cutie mark. Because bronies feel the need to put all the ponies in relationships, Colgate is often paired with Berry Punch (who we will meet in another post). Since she is a background pony who never has any lines, we don’t really know anything about her personality except for what the fandom has created. In the Ask Doctor Colgate blog it is implied that Colgate really doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing when it comes to dentistry. Or maybe the author of the blog just has a low opinion of all dentists as sadists. Anyway, here’s her outfit. I think it looks very dentist-y. What do you think?

Colgate's Outfit

H M three quarter sleeve top
£7.99 –

Missoni flare pants
$114 –

Alexander Wang leather tote bag
$1,022 –

Fossil jewelry
$42 –

Sterling silver jewelry


Bon Bon’s Outfit

In today’s pony outfit post, we take a look at Lyra’s counterpart, Bon Bon. Bon Bon is a pale yellow/cream Earth pony with a navy blue and pink mane & tail. Her eyes are teal and her cutie mark is three pieces of candy. As I mentioned in the post for Lyra’s Outfit, the animators place Bon Bon & Lyra together in the background because their colors look good together, but many bronies have interpreted this to mean that the two ponies are lesbians (a ridiculous assumption, if you ask me). Anyway, whereas Lyra has never had a line in the show, Bon Bon has spoken in several different episodes. Unfortunately, the crew for the show has never assigned her one specific voice, so every time she has a line it comes out in a totally different voice. This has become an ongoing joke in the fandom and references to it can be found in comics, stories, art, etc. Here’s her outfit:

Bon Bon's Outfit

Shift dress

Fergie wedge high heels
$108 –

Gucci leather handbag
£729 –

Enamel jewelry
$200 –

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